Delete our tracks

Internet Explorer

Open your browser. At the top right, click Tools. A list is displayed. At the very bottom of the list, click Internet Options. A box appears. In the middle, there is a Delete button called Remove. Click it, then click Remove a second time. Wait then click on OK.


Open Firefox. Press the Alt key. At the top left of the browser, click Tools, then click Clear recent history. A box appears. Click Last hour. A list unfolds. Click on All. Press the Clear Now button.


Open your Internet browser. At the top right of the browser, click on the wrench. A list unfolds. Click on history. Below the wrench, click on modify elements. Click Clear browsing data. Click less than an hour: a list appears. Click of anytime. Finally, click on the Clear browsing data button. Wait, then close Chrome.


Open Safari. At the top of the computer screen, click History, then click Clear History. Finally click on the delete button.