Our approach

The feminist approach is based on the recognition of sexual violence as a phenomenon arising from the patriarchal structures of society. Feminist groups criticize the social control exerted on women and refuse to reduce the suffering of women or their symptoms to individual pathologies. They therefore consider sexual violence to be systemic violence. For these groups, social analysis and mobilization in the fight against violence against women and children remain the privileged means to achieve social and political changes.

Feminist intervention aims to put power back in the hands of women. The work is centered on the perception of women. These often experience a feeling of helplessness. They sometimes have difficulty influencing their lives. The feminist worker finds, with them, concrete ways to increase their power over their lives. For us, the feminist approach and analysis act directly on the reappropriation of women’s rights. They make it possible to establish an egalitarian relationship between women and men and aim to eliminate all forms of violence.

The CALACS workers help you understand what happened to you, externalize your emotions, reduce the consequences of the aggression and take charge of your life. This alternative approach advocates egalitarian relationships in the helping relationship as well as the enhancement of women’s autonomy. It has as a fundamental principle the resumption of power of the woman over her life as well as the possibility of participation in collective actions to aim for social changes.