Decolonizing "Social Justice" work

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Declonizing Social Justice Work


In October of 2011, the Girls Action Foundation invited a few of us to sit together over three days to see what might emerge. Each one of us has been working towards some vision of social justice in our own communities and with others through dialogue, participatory theatre, storytelling, popular education, and direct action, amongst other strategies. After years of struggling for and creating our own small versions of these conversations, we found ourselves in a room, and what came out were these stories about the “justice” in social justice work: about moments where things go very wrong, and about the moments where we felt integrity and inspired in our efforts to sustain our own leadership and that of those with whom we worked. That encounter gave rise to this publication.
We hope we all can engage in meaningful conversations and through this page share opinions, experiences and stories about some of the topics we address in this publication.

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